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Welcome to Paper Horse Pastures! My story isn’t anything super unique or unusual. Rather, my story is the same as so many other women who share my passion for horses. As I write about my experiences, thoughts and memories, I hope my work resonates with you and reminds you that you are not alone in the real-world sitcom of life versus horse.

Just like most of my “horsey friends”, I have been infatuated with the equine species since before I can remember. I grew up showing horses and invested every possible moment of my life into my horses. My friends were the other kids at the barn. My Friday nights were spent getting ready for horse shows. And, my days in school dragged on as I dreamed of ways I could spend more time at the stables. Even after college, I continued to invest everything I could into my horses. I would race away from work to catch a quick ride before dark, and I still spent my Saturdays chasing blue ribbons. 

If any of that sounds familiar, this next statement will probably ring true for you as well.

As I moved through my twenties, I also moved up the corporate ladder. My job became more demanding and my husband and family needed any extra time I could find. That left my horses on the back burner and me in a very unfamiliar state of mind. I distinctly remember the first time my frustrated husband told me, “I don’t know what your problem is! You just need to go ride your horse or something!” Little did he realize how correct he was. He has since learned (maybe ‘accepted’ is a better term here) that I need my horse time just like the trash needs to be taken out. You can ignore it for a day or two, but it’s going to get smelly.

Now, I am in my mid-thirties and I have learned to better balance my real life with my horse life. Unfortunately, I still find myself frustrated when I have to choose between the two. It’s almost like asking me which arm I prefer; I need them both! What’s a woman to do?!?  

Thus is the foundation of my blog and the heart of my story. I hope you will share with me as I continue to share with you.

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